Ministerial Schedule
March 23/24, 2019

Third Sunday of Lent

Saturday, 5:15 pm

Acolyte Joel Coleman Deacon Vern
Ushers John Guthmiller, Matt McKennan, Kate Noyes, Patti Schmidt
Greeters Albert and Janice Garcia family
Cross Dominic Garcia
Lector Joe Genovese Deacon Vern
Bread ministers Kristen Griffin, Mary Guthmiller, Mary and Rick Kerin,
Thomas Niemann
Cup ministers Deacon Vern, Robbi Colvin, Cheryl Genovese, D.J. Kominsky,
Breanna and Austin Mallott, Kate Noyes, Patti Schmidt
Cantor Karla Vandersloot

Sunday, 8:00 am

Acolyte Vito Sinopoli Deacon Vern
Ushers Mike Banville, Bill Dorgan, Bob Hannon, Bill Lewis, Mario Stanislao
Greeters Dick and Irene Wendel
Cross Adrianna Banville
Lector Jack Frost Deacon Vern
Bread ministers Jerry Cashman, Carol Denecke, Lynesse Voegele, Lori Wendland,
Jeff White
Cup ministers Deacon Vern, Mike and Patricia Cavey, Mary Mouat,
Bill and Cathy Dorgan, Ted Preiss, Bruce Taylor
Cantor Choir/Sara Croghan

Sunday, 10:30 am RCIA Scripture breaking

Acolyte James Uncles Deacon Vern
Ushers Rodger Clingman, Connie Hochhalter, John Hunt, Kip McFaul,
Mike McKenna, Tom Robinson
Greeters Aaron and Erin Boyd family
Cross Sophia Boyd
Lector Carl Sheehan Deacon Vern
Bread ministers Erin Boyd, Mary Gaworski, John Halko, Carl Sheehan,
Renee Thorp
Cup ministers Deacon Vern, Hannah Boyd, Isaac Boyd, Kim Buchanan,
Charles and Tani Fritz, Carol Scott, Samantha Yeley
Cantor Mercedes McCann

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