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3rd Sunday of Lent

Congrats to our elect and Candidates as they enter the next stage of their journey in the Lord. This  Sunday we celebrate “The woman at the well.” It is a great time for us to renew our faith in the “living waters” of Christ; those waters of Baptism that have given us life and sustain us in the journey to the Lord.

From John Shea, an enigmatic poem:

“The one who hears the voice of the bridegroom rejoices greatly.

Bringing the bridegroom children

so that one disappears into the fullness of joy”.

With the Samaritan woman, may we “disappear into the fullness of joy” in the Lord.

Blessing of Lent to all



March 28, 2017

Archbishop Chaput on Immigration

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia delivered a homily at the March 19
liturgy at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.
He said the purpose of the liturgy was to gather as a church to pray and
reflect on the immigration issue that is a source of great division and
polarization in the United States today. “Since we are Christians, we have
an obligation, a serious obligation, a vocation, to be concerned about
justice and charity and mercy,” he said. He added, “It’s important for
those of us who are Christians to be the source of justice and a source of
peace in the church and in the world.” Archbishop Chaput made it very
clear on which side the Catholic Church and the U.S. Catholic bishops
stand. “We believe that good government should welcome foreigners out
of charity and respect for the human person,” he said in his homily, “We
believe people have a right to immigrate when they need to find work and
find ways to make their families’ lives better,” Archbishop Chaput told
the congregation. “It’s a matter of basic human rights.”


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