Ministerial Schedule
April 21/22, 2018
Fourth Sunday of Easter

Saturday, 5:15 pm

Acolyte Vito Sinopoli
Ushers Bob DeWit, Mary & John Guthmiller, Katie Noyes, Patti Schmidt
Greeters Craig and Julie Blockey family
Cross Malina Zadikem
Lector Rick Kerin
Bread ministers Jan Emerson, Jim and Deanna Largess, Kate Noyes,
Mary Ellen Pitt
Cup ministers Bob and Mary DeWit, Jane Geissler, Becky Kendall,
Bernie and Jo Marie Green, Thomas Niemann, Matt Warner
Cantor Kevin Spicka

Sunday, 8:00 am

Acolyte Barbara Schaff Deacon Vern
Ushers Bill Dorgan, Bob Hannon, Dianne and Pat Kramarich, Bill Lewis,
Mary & Gomez Routhier, Mario Stanislao
Greeters Dick and Irene Wendel
Cross Bob Stenberg
Lector Gene Slocum Deacon Vern
Bread ministers Kerry Bolmeier, Mike and Peggy Durney, Ann Peterson,
Mona Stenberg
Cup ministers Deacon Vern, Roger Fischer, D. J. Kominsky, Ted Preiss,
Peggy Russell, Angel and Sylvia Sotelo, Bruce Taylor
Cantor Sara Herdina

Sunday, 10:30 am

Acolyte James Uncles
Ushers Rodger Clingman, Connie Hochhalter, Kip McFaul,
Mike McKenna, Tom Robinson
Greeters Kristi, Miya and Harper Chase
Cross Nick Cichon
Lector George Cunningham
Bread ministers John Halko, Sue Kozicki, Frankee Muller, Camie Smith,
Peggy Valletta
Cup ministers Steve and Chris Cichon, Alexis Cichon, Ann Marshall,
Stacey Springer, Don and Kathy Ward, Ann Waters,
Cantor Mercedes McCann

First Eucharist at 1:00 PM

Acolyte Matt McKennan
Ushers Mike Banville, Rodger Clingman, Dave and Aidan McGoldrick,
Rich, Peter & Anne Rehberger, Dixi and Ethan Wimmer
Greeters/ Adrianna and Mike Banville (Main Street);
Gift bearers Dixi and Ethan Wimmer (Babcock Lobby)
Cross Allison Boyd
Lectors Keira Devlin, Avé Odegard
Bread ministers Fr. Leo Proxell, Jack Frost, Edith Reichmuth, Dixi Wimmer
Cup ministers Erin Boyd, Jerry Cashman, Barbara Hudson, Sunny Odegard,
Hannah Boyd, Isaac Boyd, Charles and Tani Fritz
Cantor Choir

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