Ministerial Schedule
September 16/17, 2017
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday, 5:15 pm

Acolyte Barbara Schaff
Ushers Bob DeWit, John Guthmiller, Matt McKennan,
Rich, Peter & Anne Rehberger
Greeters Albert and Janice Garcia family
Cross Gabriel Garcia
Lector Carl Sheehan
Bread ministers Bob and Mary DeWit, Kristen Griffin, Becky Kendall,
Carl Sheehan
Cup ministers Pat and Diane Dolan, Jack Frost, Vanda Gallagher,
Jane Giessler, Bernie and Jo Marie Green, Mary Guthmiller
Cantor Choir

Sunday, 8:00 am

Acolyte Greg Peterson
Ushers Bill Dorgan, Pat Finkel, Bob Hannon, Pat Kramarich,
Bill Lewis, Kate Noyes, Mary & Gomez Routhier, Mario Stanislao
Greeters Lee, Stacy and Avery Johnson
Cross Vito Sinopoli
Lector Mike Durney
Bread ministers Cynthia Corliss, Barbara Hudson, Mary and Rick Kerin,
Ann Peterson
Cup ministers Mike and Patricia Cavey, Peggy Durney, D.J. Kominsky,
Mary Mouat, Angel and Sylvia Sotelo, Lynesse Voegele
Cantor Sara Herdina

Sunday, 10:30 am

Acolyte James Uncles
Ushers Rodger Clingman, Connie Hochhalter, John Hunt, Kip McFaul,
Tom Robinson
Greeters Kelly and Holly Angell
Cross Michael Hecock
Lectors Marty, Nicole and Sean Hecock
Bread ministers Carol Denecke, Mary Gaworski, Eleanor Truitt,
Dane Vranish, Ann Waters
Cup ministers Elaine Berna, Alexis Cichon, Steve and Chris Cichon,
Liz Erb, Marty and Nicole Hecock, Matt Warner
Cantor Karla Vandersloot

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