Ministerial Schedule
May 27/28, 2017
Feast of the Ascension
Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, 5:15 pm

Acolyte Charles Fritz
Ushers Doug & Lucy Galarus, Bob DeWit, Gary Harkin,
Matt McKennan, Patti Schmidt, Caleb Zadikem
Greeters Travis and Katrina Zadikem family
Cross Malina Zadikem
Lector Kandy Rose
Bread ministers Pat and Diane Dolan, Frankee Muller, Mary Ellen Pitt,
Renee Thorp
Cup ministers Jack Frost, Joe and Cheryl Genovese, Matt McKennan,
Patti Schmidt, Andrew Ward, Don and Kathy Ward
Cantor Choir

Sunday, 8:00 am KC Breakfast

Acolyte Wade Jambor Deacon Vern
Ushers Pat Finkel, Bob Hannon, Kate Noyes,
Mary & Gomez Routhier, Mario Stanislao
Greeters Dick and Irene Wendel
Cross Vito Sinopoli
Lector Cynthia Corliss Deacon Vern
Bread ministers Mike and Peggy Durney, Gene Miceli,
Angel and Sylvia Sotelo
Cup ministers Deacon Vern, Mike and Patricia Cavey, Cathy Dorgan,
Peggy Russell, Ann Waters, Lori Wendland, Jeff White
Cantor Sara Herdina

Sunday, 10:30 am Jackson Sutherland/First Eucharist

Acolyte James Uncles
Ushers Rodger Clingman, Connie Hochhalter, John Hunt, Kip McFaul,
Mike McKenna, Tom Robinson
Greeters Jeff and Ann Marshall family
Cross Michael Hecock
Lector Tani Fritz
Bread ministers Erin Boyd, John Halko, Carol Scott, Carl Sheehan,
Camie Smith
Cup ministers Elaine Berna, Liz Erb, Marty and Nicole Hecock,
Carolyn Hubbard, Ann Marshall, Bonnie Martin, Peggy Valletta

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